The great Dutch Reset


Amsterdam, the Capital of the Netherlands is not only famous for their legal weed use but also for their Erotic Etablissments, all around the centre of the city.

Be it hidden between small alleys or in plain view, you can see this City has sex appeal.

But now things have changed, according to Plans of Femke Halsema, the Mayor of Amsterdam, this part of cultural asset, called the “Red Light District” has now to move.

Ms. Halsema and the Dutch Government, hope with this change to crack down on drug tourism and make the City more liveable.

Also she added, “These measures aim to result in a better mixture of functions, better control, a valuable visitor economy and strengthening cultural diversity and the local identity, more diverse range of housing and more residents in the inner city, more accessible public space and more greenery.”

Not ending here, one of Ms Halsema’s proposals are to ban tourists from coffeeshops in Amsterdam, where cannabis is available.

Reasoning this step, she believes that such coffee shops in the centre of the city are largely successful because of the tourist traffic, and this would lead to hard drugs and and crimes associated with them. With all those steps Ms Halmesa thinks, she can clean up the image of the town.

What do you think ? is is it the right choice to move the Red Light District to an “yet” unknown place within Amsterdam ?

And furthermore,  how is your opinion about legal drug consume and and access to coffee shops for tourists ?

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