Bella Thorne and Pornhub

Bella Throne

Bella Thorne the wonderful American actress and singer, who participated in several TV Shows and Movies (one of them is the TV Show “Shake it up” produced for the Disney Channel), and also starred in Alvin and the Chipmunks. managed to get a PornHub Award for directing a  PornMovie called “Her & Him”.

The ca. 30 Minute long Movie, is about a guy in his  20’s who stumbles on strange messages on his girlfriends phone and after this discovery, things between them get a bit out of control in their relationship.

Bella will get the Award on October 11th this Year,

Given the fact that this is her first time directing a movie and not only starring in it, quite a success for her age (born 1997).

The Movie itself was first shown at the Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany on September 12th

Originally, she planned to make a Christmas Horror Movie, but decided to go another route.

We are glad she did not, cause killing Santa or Ms.Santa would put the gift wrapping industry out of business.

Click her to Watch the Trailer for Her & Him

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