Butt-Con..the ComiCon for the Buttlovers

Some People just go to ComiCon to see all the women in their CosPlay Gear dressed as Jessica Jones, BatGirl, Yennefer from the Witcher Series and other female Comic or Movie Characters.

Would you dare to ask them for their sexual desires?

Possible not cause you are not on a Sex Fair nor is the ComiCon a Dating Portal.

But if you cannot resist, we have the right Convention for you: Butt-Con 

Yes, you heard right. Butt-Con is a  convention just for Butt Lovers in New York.

People who were there, said they got the best Tips for their Sex Life, all around the Butt, from farting to anal and spanking, the list is endless.

On different stages you can even do workshops like “Twerking 101”, “How to have the best Poop” or “Anal like a Pornstar”.

Sadly we have to tell you the latest Convention is already over but the next in 2020 is coming soon..so prepare your butthole.

more Info: https://buttcon.splashthat.com/

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