If it exists there is porn of it.

So, now it happened. After SARS and the seasonal flu type the World got the CoronaVirus.

mostly negative news pop in each day, flooding our screens what can happen and how severve the situation actually is.

Many  live in fear to be next to get the virus but some find still the time to see it from a humorous perspective with memes like that:

If you think this cannot be topped, you forgot about Rule Nr.34 of the Internet which says “If it exists there is Porn of it. No Exceptions”

Yes, you guessed right. Coronavirus Porn is actual a thing which is searched for on PornTube and other Adult Video Websites.

Porn Producers / Creators found a new way to generate cash to make Porn Movies about Corona Patients who cannot  leave and have fun with the nurse or just appear fully dressed in Hazmat Suits (seems to be a fetish).

according to the News Outlet CNN  the Virus has infected more than 108000 globally and killed more than 3800 people.

one of the producers told in an interview, those movies are just made to raise awareness, but we leave that up to you if that is true.


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