The Loss of Authenticity


Starting in 2017 on reddit where a user called deepfakes posted Porn Clips where the faces of the actors got replaced by Hollywood celebrities, society world wide became aware how much impact computer generated images can have, if they can be perfectly replaced with the original video content.

Deepfake Systems are meanwhile so accurate that you will not see a difference between the original Video and the altered one.

The negative aspects of that technology reach from Revenge Porn Videos, where images of the Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriends can be replaced on someones face in an original Porn Video, to Political Leaders who say something which they originally never did.

Yes Deepfake Systems also allow to alter Audio Snippets or replace them completely with the correct facial movement features.

With the progress of advanced artificial intelligence, we  did not reach the Uncanny Valley, we went behind it.

From now on, do not believe what you see, even if it looks completely natural, since DeepFake Algorithms get better every few months.

Actually this Topic is so hot that even the Gouvernour of California Gavin Newsom signed up two Laws regarding this topic.

The First Law makes it illegal to create Deepfakes of political candidates in the 60 days ahead of an election, where the second law allows state residents to sue anyone who uses a deepfake to place the subject in pornographic material without consent.

Already after he signed those two laws, civil liberties have criticized those laws collide with free speech, but the outcome of it we will let Political Magazines write about.

Luckily companies like Google, Facebook and DeepTraceLabs work on systems to detect deepfake related content.

DeeptraceLabs also revealed that 90% of all found deepfakes on the net are Porn and target women.

We left Video Examples at the end of this Article to show you what is possible today.

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