HUMP! Festival

Hump! Festival

Like every Year the most lustful, craziest and exciting Porn Movie Film Festival comes into Portland Town, called HUMP!

Those who never heard of it, HUMP! is an adult related Film Festival, which was founded in 2005,

Local sexy people write, direct and star in their own 5 Minute Amateur Porn Movies, shown at the festival.

Believe us when we say you will never have a better time in a movie theatre when all the joyful screams and laughter and smexy people sitting there, just to cheer the filmmakers up.

The Festival will take place at the Revolution Hall in Portland, starting November 8th and ending November 22th.

Tickets are still available  for certain dates.

Depending for what Day you get your Ticket, a different Host will guide you through the evening, like  Steven Humphrey (Comedian),  Kate Murphy (Former Hump! Winner) and Columnist / Creator of Hump! Dan Savage.

We will update the Post if there are no Tickets anymore to get.

Watch the Official Hump! Trailer here.

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