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The Joker Movie

Saw the Movie Joker (starring Johaquin Phoenix) yet?

I bet you have, as it was released in US on 28th September 2019 and also the following days in Europe and the rest of the World.

If not, go watch it,  but be prepared, you might experience some gruesome and psychologically challenging moments.

The Story is about a mentally ill comedian who is rejected and mistreated by society and later takes revenge on the latter, turning Old New York into a bloodbath while on his trip merging into his alter ego, The Joker.

As rollercoaster driven the movie is, yet it is a masterpiece in every cinematic aspect and if it does not get an Oscar Award (for best Acting Role), the Cerenomy should be cancled.

Now you might say, stop right there, what has that to do with Porn?

Well we can explain…

After Official US release people already had sexual fantasies related to the DC Character and Sites like PornHub noticed significant increasing numbers in the search for the Keyword “Joker”.

Pornhub Metrics show that over 741,000 times the Keyword was entered into their searchbar, continuous climbing up while we write this article.

But still the Nr.1 of the most searched fictional Character on PornHub goes to Harley Quinn from the Movie Suicide Squad, who managed to get over 10 Million Searches last Year.

So Sorry Joker, as evil and dangerous you might be, you lost to a Woman

Here the Trailer for the actual Joker Movie



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