Justice for Mia

justice for mia khalifa

Dear readers,

as you maybe noticed we wrote in one of our past articles about Mia Khalifa and her quitting the Porn Industry.

If not please read it, so you will understand the rest of this post.

Mia is an Ex-Pornstar who is currently working as a sports commentator and ended her porn career after only a few months in 2015,  starring in only 11 Porn Films.

It came to our attention that Mia still suffers from her past life, cause  Porn Video Sites like Pornhub.com, Brazzers and many others, decline to delete her old videos, even after countless tries by her to ask them to do so.

As a newcomer in the Porn Business, we do not want and will not tolerate any abuse of Ex-Porn Stars or actual ones.

Mia is to this date, still threatened by religious fanatics and had to go in therapy cause of all that backlash and threats she had to endure.

As a community we ask you to sign a Petition at change.org called “Justice for Mia” to make sure she has all the support to get taken her videos down and live a free life.

We will each time raise awareness and take action, if similiar cases appear or actual ones do not get solved.

We thank the Change.org Member Kia Flowers for creating this petition.



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