Korina Kova as your Doll

Korina Kova, The 32 year old Porn Actress from Canada, whos breasts are so huge,
that every man will faint on the spot, just by staring at them (she has a whoopy 32GG), gave permission to a company called Real Love Sex Dolls, who specializes in creating most realistic sex dolls, to create a replica of her.

Kova Doll, will be the first Doll of their collection, who uses extreme lightweight core platinum silicone and is an exact replica, including body, face, measurements and realistic lookalike.

Up On delivery you can snuggle with your Kova Doll, put her in different positions and have even access to her holes.

If you are a real Korina Kova Fan it’s a must to own the Doll.

The CEO of Real Love Sex Dolls said “We were so excited to partner with Korina Kova to make an incredibly sexy TPE love doll to her exact body specifications; working with a team of sculptors, we were able to capture each curve and every sexy detail.”

Miss Kova who is super excited about finally having a twin, stated that soon fans of her can take her to bed every night and enjoy the pleasure of her company.

Do wait, before you order though, cause the Doll will not be ready to be shipped before end of 2019, since it’s still being manufactured.

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