Love Esquire

Sex sells and the avid PC / Console gamer is aware of it, when he browses through the list of Games on the well known Gaming Platform Steam, spotting many sex and erotic driven games, mostly anime character ones but others also.

The same thought a small indie game company called Yangyang Mobile and developed a game called Love Esquire, where the player wants to lose his virginity and can romance 5 different characters to get them into bed.

The Game itself is more of a graphic novel with some RP elements and depending on your stats, you will succeed or not.

After successful Funding on Kickstarter in 2018 it’s finally out, but here is the catch, since the Plhilipies have strict anti-pornography laws, the developers had to cut many scenes, so the game turns out not to be adult rated.

though a huge fan of the game called Teófilo, who donated to the Kickstarter project quite a sum, released a mod for the game, which made sure those cutscenes were in place and uncensored.

The Company afterwards wrote  on Steam “When you’re playing the game and experiencing man’s greatest pleasure, you’ll know who to thank!”

The Mod for Love Esquire is now available on the Steam Workshop Page.

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