Naughty Confessions


Jessa Rhodes (26) the hot blonde from Portland, Oregon,USA , famous for her beautiful bubble butt and her passion for wonderful tattoos on herself went already at the age of 19 into Pornbusiness.

With several  Porn Clips / Movies on over 19 PaySites this Lady is one busy horny bee.

No matter what genre, she is open for almost anything in the categories of Milfs, Hospital, Femdom, GangBang and much more.

Given the fact she has such a long  experience in the industry she wanted to share some insights into how she works, and gave fans of her a chance to ask questions on the social news platform reddit.

Those question threads are called AMA (Ask Me Anything), where people, answer questions to the userbase, of their profession or lifestyle.

Anyhow, her fans did not need to be told twice and started to ask their heart out and Miss Rhodes did not hold back to answer.

Rhodes said in one of her answers, that she enjoys being her own boss and setting her own work hours and how much she enjoys shooting scenes.

The most irritating question we found was a guy who asked her, her how menstruation comes into play during the act.

Cheeky  as Miss Rhodes is she told him, a sponge is pushed inside the pussy for that…well…he needed to ask.

Disclaimer:We do not support that advice in any way, since putting objects inside a vagina can lead to bacteria infections or toxic shocks. 


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