Sex at Area 51..with an Alien – No Official Coverage

Area 51 Pornhub

What started as a joke as one guy called Matty Roberts, told people to storm Area 51 with the Motto “They Can’t Stop All of Us” on Facebook, was taken by many people all around the world who read that “invitation” very seriously.

Just a short time after the post, they promised to show up and being part of the raid, to break through to Area 51 and actually see Aliens.

Not surprisingly though they did not get really far and instead of over thousand of people just a bit over 200 People showed up and had the best time of their life (even it ended at a guarded gate).

Covered by some YouTube Streams, the Audience had to witness how some of the arrivals, were dressed in Alien Costumes, drank several cans of Energy Drinks and were trying to get into conversations with the guards at the gate.

But what News Outlets did not show you nor reported were two Porn Stars arriving at Area 51 who made it inside the complex to have actual Sex with an Alien and the entire scene was filmed for Pornhub.

Do not believe us? See for yourself, the Trailer.



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